Hollow Suns - Process of Losing

Shipping date: 6/2/2021

'Process of Losing' is a compilation album by the Tokyo Alt-Rock band Hollow Suns. This discography release comprises the bands three EPs, Hollow Suns I (2015), Hollow Suns 2 (2017), Into The Water (2019) and Split EP with And Protector (2018).

Hollow Suns is 4 piece alternative rock band formed 2014 in Tokyo, Japan. With hardcore and melodic punk as a back bone, the band creates a unique sound with an alternative twist. Their energy packed latest release "Into The Water" is a new endeavor for the band, exploring the grunge soundscape alongside the bands signature alternative sound. "Into The Water" is crossing borders with the physical release on Texas based label "Sunday Drive Records" whilst the record is available on major digital streaming platforms. The band logo is created by fashion brand Happy House's director Shane Moran. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Quicksand, Foo Fighters, Basement and Saves the Day.


T-shirt and Tote Bag designed by TYPE OF PERSON (Japan)


Track Listing //
01. Waiting For The Time
02. Into The Water
03. It's All There
04. Heavy In The Air
05. No One Stays
06. Back In My Head
07. Believe In
08. Drift Me Off
09. Out Of Touch
10. Caller
11. Longest Night
12. A Blaze of Light
13. Veins
14. Chasing Time

Catalog Number: IG-101
Release Date: 6/4/2021