rationale. - you are flawed, but you'll be fine

rationale. is a Emo/Pop Punk side project from Chicago featuring Dan Lambton (Real Friends), Joe Taylor (Knuckle Puck) and Ryan Rumchaks (Knuckle Puck/Homesafe). Japanese edition of their brand new EP "you are flawed, but you'll be fine" including their entire songs from Confines EP, Acoustic EP and unreleased acoustic demo tracks.


Track Listing //
01. Are You Still Listening?
02. Space Angela
03. Co-Occurring
04. Timestamp
05. Pick Me Up Ltd.
06. Flawed, but Fine.
07. Hangnail
08. FBS
09. Confinement
10. Quarterlife
11. Are You Still Listening (Acoustic Demo)
12. Space Angela (Acoustic Demo)
13. Co-Occurring (Acoustic Demo)
14. Confinement (Acoustic Ft. Dan Campbell & Mike Kennedy from The Wonder Years)
15. FBS (Acoustic Ft. Eddy Brewerton from Moose Blood)
16. Quarterlife (Acoustic Ft. Nick Casasanto from Knuckle Puck)
17. Hangnail (Acoustic Ft. Ryan Locke & Patrick Carleton from Seaway, Ryan Rumchaks & Emma Tiemann)

*1-7 from "You Are Flawed, But You'll Be Fine."
*8-10 from "Confines"
*11-13 from "Acoustic Bonus Tracks"
*14-17 from "Confines Acoustic EP"

Catalog Number: IG-092
Release Date: 5/17/2019