Homesafe - One

The debut album from Chicago's Homesafe, the band dug deep into their ’90s rock influences, marrying high-octane guitar riffs with buoyant choruses and threadbare attitude that demands listeners’ attention. The result is an album that stands up squarely to the sound of right now but shines with an aura of timelessness, one that effortlessly pays tribute to bands like Foo Fighters and Third Eye Blind without appearing regressive.

Track Listing //
01. Point Blank
02. Run
03. Say Something
04. Sadistic Society
05. Have It All
06. Vanilla-Scented Laser Beams
07. Suits and Ties
08. I Don’t Know How
09. Time Ain’t Free
10. Stay Away
11. Get It Right
12. Sideways Sleeper
13. fin

Catalog Number: IG-087
Release Date: 7/6/2018