State Champs - Around The World And Back

Fresh on the heels of touring Australia with 5 Seconds Of Summer, State Champs present their sophomore full-length, "Around The World And Back." Keeping in fashion with their previous releases, this five-piece from Albany, NY, continues to play captivating and addictive pop-rock, making them impossible to ignore. Since the release of 2013's "The Finer Things," the band has toured alongside Motion City Soundtrack, All Time Low, The Wonder Years and New Found Glory. Japanese edition includes their 2 new songs from "The Acoustic Things".

Track Listing //
01. Eyes Closed
02. Secrets
03. Losing Myself
04. All You Are Is History
05. Perfect Score
06. All Or Nothing
07. Shape Up
08. Back and Forth
09. Around The World And Back (feat: Ansley Newman of Jule Vera)
10. Breaking Ground
11. Tooth And Nail
12. Leave You In The Dark *
13. If I'm Lucky *
* Bonus Tracks

Catalog Number: IG-070
Release Date: 10/16/2015

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