Decade - Self-Titled

UK's Bath based pop punk band Decade is the very first UK band on ICE GRILL$. This album includes their brand new 5 song EP "Self-Titled", "The Doctor Called" single, 2011 and their debut EP "Lost At Sea", 2009. For fans of Brand New, Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember.


Track Listing //
01. Never Enough
02. Won For Sorrow
03. Home Alone
04. Low
05. Down & Out
06. The Doctor Called (Turns Out I'm Sick As Fuck) *
07. Lost At Sea *
08. Lights Out *
09. Down Like A Clown, Charlie Brown *
10. It's Good To Be Vampire *
*Bonus Tracks

Catalog Number: IG-021
Release date: 05/09/2012

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