No Trigger - Tycoon

Their sophomore album Tycoon on No Sleep Records and ICE GRILL$. No Trigger has compiled what is already being considered by many to be their greatest achievement to date, and an album sure to turn the entire punk rock community on its ear again. Recorded in Massachusetts with Defeater guitarist Jay Maas, the album is No Trigger's most punishing and inspired material to date. Made up of non-stop anthem after anthem, "Tycoon" is a pitbull off its leash, but also completely necessary, motivational and perfect for its time. For perfect fans of Strike Anywhere, A Wilhelm Scream, Kid Dynamite, Such Gold.

Track Listing //
01. Maple Boy
02. Dried Piss
03. Windmill and Watertower
04. Checkmate
05. Department of the Interior
06. Mountaineer
07. Insider (Executive/Amputee)
08. New Brains
09. Permanent
10. Skyscrapers
11. Turn In My Throat

Catalog Number: IG-020
Release date: 03/07/2012

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