Balance And Composure - Separation

The debut album from Pennsylvania's brilliant emo post hardcore with alt.rock influences amazing band. Japanese edition includes 3 acoustic bonus tracks.

A sonic assault melding influences such as Sunny Day Real Estate, Neutral Milk Hotel and Nirvana, "Separation" adheres to the band's namesake. A cohesive listen of anthemic and melodic guitar blitzes with poignant lyricism, rhythmic thrusts and an abrasive pop knack in its overall deliverance, "Separation" churns in a fortified enclave of guitar fuzz and rhythms that drive heavily. Balance and Composure may wear their love for early 90's underground alt rock on their sleeves, but they are in no way merely a "throwback" band as much as they are an outfit who respects their influences and pushes them forward into brash sonic terrortory with the us vs. the world ethos of genuine punk rock.

Track Listing //
01. Void
02. Separation
03. Quake
04. Stonehands
05. I Tore You Apart In My Head
06. Galena
07. Fade
08. Progress, Progress
09. More To Me
10. Echo
11. Patience
12. Defeat The Low
13. Separation (Acoustic) *
14. Stonehands (Acoustic) *
15. More To Me (Acoustic) *
*Bonus Tracks

Catalog Number: IG-018
Release Date: 12/09/2011

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