Man Overboard - Real Talk

Man Overboard release their debut album 'Real Talk' on Run For Cover records and ICE GRILL$. Real Talk drops 12 fast paced pop punk tracks recalling the sounds of Tell All Your Friends by Taking Back Sunday, Through Being Cool by Saves The Day and The Blue Album by Weezer. The record brings a new twist to the classic records of a genre that has been endlessly watered down. With Real Talk, Man Overboard makes a strong point that they are leading a movement to take pop punk out of its present dark age and resurrecting a corpse that has been called dead countless times. Japanese edition includes 3 bonus tracks from their some old songs.

Track Listing //
01. Real Talk
02. World Favorite
03. Fantasy Girl
04. Parting Gift
05. Darkness, Everybody
06. She's Got Her Own Man Now
07. Al Sharpton
08. Montrose
09. FM Dial Style
10. I Like You
11. Septemberism
12. Sidekick
13. I Ate My Gluestick *
14. The Don't Make Them Like They Used To *
15. Five Girls Pizza *
* Bonus tracks

Catalog Number: IG-002
Release Date: 07/24/2010

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